Transportation Alternatives Between Istanbul and Ankara

Updated: Jan 3

As you may know, there are 4 ways to travel from somewhere to somewhere. Railway, highway, seaway, and airway. After this essential piece of information, we are going to talk about traveling options from Istanbul to Ankara. Let’s begin.


You can use the railway while traveling to Ankara. Besides, you can use both intercity trains and high-speed trains in this line. To explain these two types of the train there is a table which explains them briefly.

2- Highway

Like all around the world, you can use your own car or buses. If you use a private car it would take almost 4 hr, 30 min. However, it can cost you a little bit high because you have to pass 432 km. To go this distance you must buy gasoline at least 35 liters (250Tl). On the other hand, there are so many bus companies which arrange travel from Istanbul to Ankara. However, most of them take nearly 7 hr, 30 min but there are cheaper than a private car because one ticket is sold between 70 TL to 85 TL.


I’m sorry I have to skip this part because Ankara doesn’t have a seashore (sad story).

4- Airway

First of all, in Istanbul, you have to choose an airport. My recommendation is if you are in Asia choose Sabiha Gökcen Airport(SAW) if you are in Europe choose Istanbul Airport(IST) because they are also in these continents. In Ankara, there is just one airport, Esenboga Airport(ESB). When you look up the ticket prices, they will vary from 85TL to 450 TL in economy class. In business class, prices change from 550 TL to 850 TL. If you want to buy the cheapest ticket you should buy it earlier. The airway can be seen the fastest way but in both cities, airports are not as close to town centers, especially in Ankara, therefore, in order to get to the or from the airport in Istanbul may take up to an hour, you can check out this post for more information, and in Ankara, you will spend up to 2 hours. Also, you will spend almost 1 hour on the plane. To sum up, it may take your time as much as the highway or railway.


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