Old Cafes of Ankara

Ankara, known as the gray city of Turkey. Now we're going for a nice ride with you to forget that nickname. I want to talk about three old cafes in Ankara. All three of these cafes are for your taste and atmosphere.

1. Cafemiz

Opened in 1993 in Argentina Street 19, Cafemiz is known for being the first café in Ankara. Cafemiz, which has been put into service on the lower floor of the two-story house, has been the favorite of the capital city with its sophisticated atmosphere, delicious food, and peaceful environment since its opening.

Now that I've given this information, I can start talking about the place. Our café has two floors and a sweet garden. Located in the middle of the garden sycamore tree gives you peace of mind. In fact, the place is designed to give peace of mind. You feel at home. The wish tree in the garden was a nice detail that joined the place. When talking about feeling at home, one of the sweetest aspects of the place is that there is always a delight on the table you have seen in this picture. I think such fine details are what make the place special.

Let's come to the food, mixed pizza is definitely my advice. If you like thin and crispy pastry pizza is for you. I used my dessert selection for the waffles I always wondered about. They are served with two kinds of sauce and they use fresh fruit. If you haven't finished your meal, it's okay because they give the leftovers to the street animals. The café also has a Sunday buffet but don't forget to reserve it. They are closed on Monday and live music from 7 to 9 pm, except for Sunday brunch. I can't wait to go back to this beautiful and sweet place again.

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2. Café des Cafés Grand

Café des Cafés, which has been serving since 1995, was originally a grocery store and later became a café and introduced Ankara to cafe culture. The interior of the café, which has been inspired by French culture, is designed with dark brown and burgundy tones to create a bohemian atmosphere. Their music was chosen to suit this atmosphere.

Located in Tunali Hilmi Street in Ankara, this cafe can take you to the old with its nostalgic interior design. The place has a front and a backyard, but people find it hard to find a place on weekends. It has all kinds of food you can find in a restaurant in its menus. I haven't had a chance to taste their food, but the strawberry puff pastry dessert and the apple walnut-raisin cherry pie were delicious. You should also try the hot chocolates which add different flavors.

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3. Kirit Cafe

Opened in 2008 and within walking distance to Ankara Castle, Kirit Kafe is a small sweet cafe that takes its name from the 100-year-old door of the building. It has an extensive menu and serves breakfast all day and has a warm atmosphere with old Turkish 45s and occasional classical jazz pieces. You should try breakfast and wet cake. If you come to these sides, I say visit this nostalgic cafe.

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