Kuşadası, Turkey’s Hawaii

Turkey's Aydin province, which is a town of Kuşadası, is believed to extend up to the date of the Ionian civilization. The beauty of the beaches, the diversity of its nature and its historical structure are among the attractive features of Kuşadası. In this article, we will take you on a tour in Kuşadası. I'm starting if you're ready.

1. Dilek Peninsula National Park

I discovered the Dilek Peninsula National Park, located in the Güzelçamlı municipality of Kuşadası, in summer vacation with my friends and I was fascinated by this natural wonder park.

The entrance of the national park is paid, you can enter inside by pedestrian or vehicle. The sea is blue everywhere in Kuşadası, but another blue in the Dilek Peninsula. As soon as you enter, you are fascinated by the scenery and pine scents.

There are 4 beaches in Dilek Peninsula National Park. These beaches are generally found as bays: İçmeler Bay, Aydınlık Bay, Kavaklıburun Bay and Karasu Bay. I did not have the chance to enter these bays when I went to the National Park, but I can say that I went to the bay with my boat tour.

There are trekking routes in the closed part of Dilek Peninsula, where you can also do trekking with nature. In addition, bird watching, cycling, photographing and paragliding are among the things you can do.

In addition to these, there is Zeus Cave at the entrance of Dilek Peninsula. If you like cold water, it's for you because the water is really cold. The depth of the Zeus Cave is about 10-15 meters and it combines with the fresh water coming from the mountain and the salt water of the sea. Many people have a beauty bath with the mud coming from one side of this cave.

2. Davutlar Beach

Davutlar Region, where the azure sea meets lush and untouched forests, is 19 km from Kuşadası.

The beaches where you can go to the sea and the walkable trails of the natural park within the boundary of the region attract the attention of the holidaymakers throughout the year. In addition to the hotels in the district center of Kuşadası, you can also stay in the hotels in Davutlar.

Watching the sunset on the Davutlar beach was also breathtaking. It has never been this beautiful to sit and watch the sunset.

I spent my holiday in this region in general and I went to sea on this beach every day. On some sides, I can say that the sea was generally clean, although the sea was not that clean. The beaches are very calm, I usually say that there are people with a summer house in that area, so it is not crowded at all. I enjoyed walking and taking photos on the beach. You also have the opportunity to ride bicycles on the cycle paths. Also, you can use canoe and jet skis.

3. Kaleiçi

Kuşadası Kaleiçi Bazaar

Kuşadası Kaleiçi is called the area behind the castle gate. It is a big bazaar. It contains bars, cafes, shops, restaurants. Kaleiçi, Kaleiçi Mosque, Kaleiçi Bath and Historical Kaleiçi Walls are available.

Kaleici bazaar has a very historical and authentic view. You can easily understand this from the outer appearance of the houses.

Kaleici bazaar is like a maze. One street ends, another street begins, and you can never finish sightseeing and get enough. There are many jewelers and bag sellers in these bazaars. I can say that I couldn't get out of the jewelers on my behalf, because I found things that are very different and I can't find everywhere.

While visiting the bazaars, I could not stop without taking photographs because I liked the architecture and structure of the houses. Each street had its own unique houses and styles. There are also many antiques and handcrafted stores.

After visiting the bazaars, I sat at the big stones on the beach of Kaleici at sunset and watched the sunset with ice cream in my hand. The arrival of the ships in the harbor, the sunset from the back and the waters crashing into the rocks ... It gave me the holiday mood that I wanted. For those who seek peace and fun on vacation, I can say Kuşadası is perfect.


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