Göbeklitepe The Gathering: An Extraordinaire Art in Ankara

If you are coming to Ankara and searching for a place that will fulfill your art desire, there is a great modern art place called Cermodern. It is located in the middle of Ankara and it is very close to the high-speed train station.

Currently, there is an exhibition about Göbeklitepe which is believed to be the oldest temples in human history. Archeologists believe that with the ongoing excavations which started in the mid-1990s we may need to rewrite human history. More detailed information can be found on UNESCO’s website.

You should know there are not real artifacts in Cermodern. This exhibition is a digital art that creates a unique experience to shape your thoughts and make you ask a question about our ancestors.

“The most exciting archaeological find of the century has been the focus of attention ever since it was unearthed. With only stones in hand, people who can portray the complex world they live in were the people that the modern world regarded as "primitive!”. Göbeklitepe is the work of organization and imagination beyond the firsts. It is the human-centered pinnacle of creativity and productivity that is encoded into human DNA. It is the most striking example of mankind, who is a complex organism in nature in its own right, which challenges it to come together and dare to write its own racial destiny. The mysteries hidden beneath the stone structures rising to the sky invite us to be discovered. “

I was a little bit disappointed with the length of the journey but it was quite spectacular. Inside there are 4 parts, each of them has a different type of experience. I highly suggest you take a “Göbeklitepe Excursion Scenario” and read it before going in because it is a dark place otherwise it can be really hard to understand the meaning of the exhibition. You can find that guide form the information desk where you can buy tickets. Tickets are 30 Turkish Liras and you can visit this place every day except Mondays between 10:00 – 20:00. You should hurry because they are saying that the exhibition will end on the 26th of January.

Bonus: There is also a Turkish Tv series which is just released on Netflix platform-“The Gift” or “Atiye” in Turkish. It is about the findings of Göbeklitepe and a young woman. It has a much more fantasy aspect than the historical side. So you might enjoy it if you are into fantasy series and want to have information about Göbeklitepe as well.


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