3 things you can do with your children in Istanbul

Istanbul is a huge city with a lot of options for fun. Sometimes too many options may make it hard to choose. Especially if you do not have the time to check each one of them in detail.

In this post, we are recommending 3 tested and approved places for an awesome time with your kids.

1- Toy Museum

Istanbul Toy Museum was found on April 23, 2005, Turkish National Sovereignty and Children’s Day. It consists of more than 4000 thousand toys being displayed in a 4-floor villa. The oldest one is dating back to France of 1817. This is a great place to enjoy for a couple of hours and walk through amazing toy collections. You can make it a day-long adventure by attending a lot of fun activities too.

The museum is open between 9:30-18:00 every day except for Mondays. You can find the Toy Museum here.

2- Isfanbul

Isfanbul is Turkey's first theme park with a lot of fun activities, a zoo, a shopping center and many more. You can check out their free shuttles, ticket prices and schedules from here. Isfanbul is a great spot to spend a day and to unleash your inner child with a theme park, food court, mall and many more.

3- Istanbul Aquarium

Istanbul Aquarium is the world's largest thematic aquarium located in Florya. It is accessible via the subway with various options for tickets. There are lots of educational and interactive events. You can get a quick tour in a couple of hours or choose to spend your day roaming between Antarctica, rain forests, jungle, and oceans.


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