3 Great Places For Vegetarian Food in Istanbul

Updated: Jan 3

Are you a vegetarian? Are you or will be in Istanbul and trying to find a place where you can eat without any doubts?

Istanbul is a great and a very crowded city - more than 16 million people live here. It is known for great food of course, along with great people, location, Bosporus and its history. You may have heard of amazing kebabs, meatballs and all sorts of seafood but Istanbul hosts many vegetarian (and vegan!) options as well, even along the streets, let alone exclusively dedicated vegetarian/vegan restaurants. Turkish cuisine is so broad that it is said to host more than 300 recipes just with eggplants. It is impossible to think that vegetarian and vegan options are out of the hand, as we will just prove otherwise.

Here are some of our recommendations,

1. Community Kitchen

You can find Community Kitchen located in Tophane district and you will not be disappointed if you decide choosing there. They have many sorts of vegetarian and vegan food from Turkish cuisine waiting for you. Interestingly, they even have “Vegan Iskender”. It is rather interesting because normally Iskender or Iskender Kebap is made from döner meat along with pita bread (pide) and yoghurt. The quality of the meat is at the very core of its amazing taste, but this restaurant makes the vegan version of it, of course out of plants, and the management claims that it will draw more people into veganism. As a side note, they have muffins and cookies as well, all prepared vegan/vegetarian so you must not think too much whether to go.

Find Community Kitchen here!

2. Parsifal Restaurant

You may find Parsifal in Beyoğlu, and they have been serving vegetarian food since their opening in 1996. It is one of the oldest vegan/vegetarian restaurants among so many others in Istanbul, so it brings experience to your plate. From falafel plates to broccoli dishes, you may find so many types of vegetarian food here. If you are vegan, don’t fret, they serve amazing Turkish traditional vegan food too. All you need to do is to ask for it!

Find Persifal here!

3. Bi Nevi

Bi Nevi is located in Karaköy, they are serving vegan/vegetarian food as per your taste and even their menu is specially designed depending on that food’s ingredients – if it contains milk or a dairy product, you should see a star besides of it. It is more like a café than a restaurant, however, along with coffee and desserts, you may find different vegetarian pastas, burgers and sauces (like hummus).

Find Bi Nevi here!

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